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Steal this Tweet: How to create a fabulous social media career without doing any work

Tweet thief

It looks like this social media thing is going to catch on. With a bunch of smart people already saying they’re making money and getting famous on Twitter and Facebook, you’re probably thinking that this could be a great direction for your future career. Especially since taking video of yourself playing X-box and posting it to a YouTube channel with four subscribers hasn’t worked out all that well yet.

The thing is, to get this done the way some of the experts are recommending (build an audience, create value, engage, be transparent) seems like WAY too much work. And why bother anyway, when you can apparently leverage other people’s community? It sounds much easier just to do that!

Here’s a quick guide to building a successful career in social media in less than 20 minutes per day without ever having to leave the couch.  Once you’re famous, you can send me a royalty check. I’m good with 10%.

  1. Start following the big names in social. To find them, just Google some top 10 lists – you’ll get about 500 people, because everyone who started in social before 2010 is now an “influencer” – but you can winnow it down by eliminating everyone who’s not following Brian Fanzo.
  2. Set up Feedly to deliver you a whole bunch of social media blogs. Find some that only have a few followers – that way you’ll be a curator of value instead of just another wannabe who retweets everything Jay Baer posts.
  3. Tag as many people as possible in every tweet so they retweet you. It’s all about the numbers.
  4. Make quote graphics in Canva (but don’t use the paid images, that’s why they invented Google image, sorry Guy Kawasaki). Quote social media wizards like Gary Vaynerchuk and post the graphics incessantly to Instagram.
  5. Join a few dozen Twitter chats and greet everyone as they sign on, then drop off without saying anything. No one will notice.
  6. Open a Buffer account – don’t bother with the paid version; free works fine – and load it up with tons of scheduled posts for the next few weeks.
  7. Then head to the Caribbean for vacation.

I may have left out a few steps, but this should be enough to get you started. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a flight to book.

**Important Notice: Ignore everything I wrote above. I may have had too much Mountain Dew today.


Catnip for introverts

plain cat and bird

If you love social media, you might just be an introvert.

Social media is like a big party you can join whenever you want, stay as long as you like, never worry that someone’s getting bored talking to you and disappear without seeming rude. You can jump in and out of conversations, make a joke without getting talked over and pontificate on any topic you care about. Or listen without talking for as long as you like. No one will chide you for being “quiet” or tell you to smile.

Which is why social media is catnip for introverts.

And this is absolutely great news for the rest of the population. Because although introverts may have a lot to contribute, they can get really nervous and anxious talking to people they don’t know well. So while brilliant charismatic individuals have always been the ones to get (and deserve) tons of glory, now those who would rather hide than mingle have a platform too.

It’s kind of like when technology began to make it possible for nerds to be the ones who got acclaim and success. A person no longer needed to be the captain of the football team to become a captain of industry. Now a really smart, quiet person could come up with a unique idea and create something that billions of people would want to own or become a part of. Social media is like that for socializing.

No wonder introverts love it. It makes the world their comfort zone.

It would be fantastic if there could be an “introvert” icon that would help the rest of us recognize individuals who just need a bit of encouragement to share their wisdom. Maybe it could be a little image of a cat.

If you’re still not clear on what makes an introvert, check this out – it’s a terrific primer to help build understanding.

Drowning in cats

Everyone’s trying to do it. Create something engaging and compelling, syndicate it across multiple platforms, encourage sharing and watch it go viral. It’s a great strategy – or it would be if every other client in every industry on earth wasn’t doing the exact same thing at the exact same time, with the exact same objective.

The result: your customers, targets and prospects are surrounded by tsunamis of commercial-based stuff to read, watch and comment on, all floating on an ocean of cat videos and genuinely creative non-professional efforts.

To break through, some advertisers are beginning to resort to tactics with the whiff of desperation – outrageous and borderline dangerous stunts to try to catch people’s attention. And while some of them do go viral, what kind of story is being written for those brands? Is it really the messaging they want to represent them?

When you think about brands, what is the content that has resonated the most with you recently? Is it a stunt meant to go viral that landed with a thud? A high-concept marketing event that landed on Buzzfeed? Or a great story, beautifully shot, that you talked about, shared and then watched again and again? 

It doesn’t have to be a commercial – truly great content shows up on every platform. The key is to be both engaging and relevant to the brand. It’s like being thrown a lifesaver when you’re drowning in cats.