would you like fries or a salad with that: an unsparing feminist view on media

I don’t tumblr so I can’t give this proper attribution because it’s not clear to me who originated it.

But it is fabulous, and so here it is – complete and unadorned. If you know who wrote it please let me know in the comments and I’ll give credit.

waitress: would you like fries or a salad with that

me: Bryce Dallas Howard refused to take her heels off despite the director’s concerns because it was her metaphor for female strength. The narrative scolds Claire for not being adequately dressed for the situation, that she had no way to predict. The narrative treats Claire’s heels like a weakness. And what Claire does? She proves that she can’t be stopped. She doesn’t have to yield and change her(self) outfit in order to survive in Jurassic World as successfully as Owen. High heels is actually such a great metaphor because in real world women are expected to keep up with men without taking our heels off (aka giving up our femininity), women are expected to do as great as men without stopping being women. And you know what? It doesn’t matter what obstacles patriarchy puts in our way, we can overcome it. We can be everything men can be while being everything women are expected to be. A woman in heels outrunning a T-Rex is unrealistic? If you look at it as a metaphor, than you will see that women in real world do it all the time. Claire didn’t have to gave up her femininity to kick ass or to save herself, Owen, her nephews, and 20 thousands people. Claire didn’t need to gave up her femininity to belong. Owen expected her to be a weak and useless deadweight? She never let the weakness he saw in her to stop her or to slow her down. Claire could outrun a T-Rex while wearing high heels. Think twice before telling this woman what she can or can’t wear, because she will walk over your dead body in that very same heels like no big deal.

waitress: may i remind you that equating the choices made by real and living women to those artificially assigned to fictional women by male writers is a reductive move that makes media analysis less about interrogating the effect of media and holding its creators accountable for that effect and more about turning every blockbuster film into a feminist easter egg hunt where everyone is expected to scramble for any aspect of the film that seems even remotely progressive

me: oh fuck you’re right. i’ll just have fries then


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